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JB Curriculum

Each child is remarkable, unique, capable, and resilient, and this perspective guides our approach to early childhood learning. Respecting unique interests and learning styles as inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, we educate each child in their own individual way,  


Our beautiful classrooms draw out children's potential where provocations and materials spark enthusiasm, engagement, and feelings of positivity towards learning and school. The curriculum combines guided and “unstructured” hands-on activities and experiential learning that encourage young children's most important work: creative play. Timeless Jewish values, customs, and traditions are thoughtfully woven into every aspect of our holistic curriculum. Through relevant and joyful learning and expression, Jewish pride becomes a meaningful and treasured part of each child’s identity.


As children progress, they have the opportunity to take increasing ownership in their classroom community. Contributing thoughts, ideas, preferences, and interests, children experience a satisfying, empowering, and successful learning experience. As they take on more challenging responsibilities alongside their peers, their pride and self-awareness further blossom.

Research has shown that children will learn as much from birth to age three, as they will from three through the rest of their lives. The seeds of learning, curiosity, and identity take root in infancy. At Jewish Beginnings, we collaborate with you through your children’s development as they grow, discover, and embark on their lifelong journey of learning.

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We strive to be an extension of your home, and this is especially evident in the warm, comforting environment we create for the youngest members of the Jewish Beginnings family. Our experienced educators encourage our infants’ innate curiosity and rapid development by providing a safe, loving, and engaging environment for our babies to explore the world around them. Aware of each child’s individual patterns, we help establish a schedule with eating, frequent diaper changes, and naps when needed. Interaction with each child is responsive, thoughtful, and intentional in every way. As a partner with parents, we help integrate each baby’s development into a seamless transition between school and home. As such, nursing mothers are welcomed and provided a private, comfortable room.



Toddlers are mobile and curious about the world around them, ready to explore with all their senses. By observing their behavior and responses, we cater to their inquisitiveness by using the room as a third teacher. This helps build their confidence and self-esteem, invites curiosity and discovery, and most importantly, fosters strong, respectful relationships.

They begin gaining their independence and fine and large motor skills by learning how to feed themselves, find their own cubbies, understand routines, all while growing their verbal language skills. Our toddlers feel empowered and capable, excited to explore in their loving and safe environment.

2 Year Olds


For our 2-year-olds, we focus on developing the socio-emotional skills children need to thrive, supporting and empowering their development through choice. At this age, children desire to exert their growing independence, and it is our role to guide that development in a positive, nurturing manner. Our classrooms provoke learning through play, such as sorting, counting, pre-reading and math, colors, verbal expression, and much more. Emphasizing the self-help skills of dressing, hand-washing, and toilet training, along with a healthy social-emotional foundation for problem-solving and recognition of feeling, our two’s gain immense confidence in a warm, comfortable environment created expressly for their developmental needs.

3 Year Old


The emphasis of our 3-year-old program is to build upon and expand their love of learning while encouraging their natural curiosity about the world around them. At this stage, we begin introducing more formal academic activities by creating opportunities to explore and inquire with teachers and students embarking on learning adventures together. This collaborative approach emboldens children’s passion for knowledge, further developing the skills needed for critical thinking and discovery. With a focus on kindness and empathy in social-emotional growth and development, we guide and model interactions with others to both express themselves and take their peers' perspectives.



In our K4 program, children develop and enhance the skills needed for their academic journey and life. In a student-led creative space, academics such as reading, writing, mathematics, and science, along with verbal and social-emotional skills are refined, building on independent critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We focus on providing each child with tools to succeed and feel empowered in their learning while emphasizing relationships among their peers and how to navigate challenges in a positive, kind, and thoughtful manner.

We’d love to meet you and learn more about how Jewish Beginnings can best serve your family’s needs.

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