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JB Infants

We strive to be an extension of your home, and this is especially evident in the warm, comforting environment we create for the youngest members of the Jewish Beginnings family. 

Teachers encourage our infants’ innate curiosity and rapid development by providing a safe and engaging environment with lots of affection. A consistent routine combined with frequent cuddles creates a calm atmosphere in which our infants flourish. Interaction with children is always done in responsive, thoughtful, and intentional ways while carrying out seemingly simple routines.



With two classrooms located down a private hallway, our infant wing is distinct from the rest of the school. 

  • Part of the room has dimmed light to mimic a night-time environment, with white noise and hushed music playing softly in the background to allow each baby to have his nap as needed. 

  • Outside of the rest area, the room shades are drawn open to let daylight in from our big, bright windows. 

  • A welcoming sign greets visitors and kindly requests that all shoes be removed because our infant wing is a “no-shoe zone”, for the safety and cleanliness of our little crawlers.

Our infant rooms follow state and NAEYC guidelines for teacher to student ratios, and we staff to ensure that there are always an extra pair of hands-on deck. The rooms are fully equipped with top-notch baby equipment, and we follow accreditation and state licensing best-practices for safe infant sleep, feeding, and diapering.


Our infants have regularly scheduled outdoor time, taking walks outside on our expansive school grounds, many times stopping to linger on a blanket spread out on the grass or play with infant appropriate toys on their dedicated playground. Arts and crafts time takes place regularly, with projects displayed in the hallway, showcasing our infants’ growing skills from experimenting with paint and other materials.  

In addition to specialized infant activities, our babies are given the opportunity to participate in school programs. Infants often join the older children’s storytime and music classes, giving the babies a chance to interact with children of different ages and see how they read, dance and sing along to music, too.


We’d love to meet you to learn more about how Jewish Beginnings’ Infants Program can best serve your family’s needs.


We consistently satisfy our ratio standards with more teachers on hand than required. Extra help is always available in the school as needed. 

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