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“Knowing the answers will help you in school. Knowing how to question will help you in life.”


- Warren Berger, in Education Week Teacher



In our K4 program, children develop a toolbox of skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. Social-emotional, reading, and writing skills are refined in a student-led environment, building independent critical thinking skills and instilling a passion for learning.

One of our favorite stories from a past K4 student’s parent illustrates this well: 

“Our daughter has slept with a security blanket from a young age and continued to do so through K4. When she started K5 this year, she was troubled to discover that with no designated nap time, she wouldn’t have the opportunity to cuddle with her blanket. She promptly informed her K5 teachers that she would like to arrange a meeting to discuss a plan for her blanket issue. Our independent 5-year-old daughter conducted a discussion with 3 adults on how to best address the problem, and ultimately reached a satisfactory solution, thanks to the cooperation and negotiation life skills she learned at Jewish Beginnings.”


The curriculum is child-led: teachers follow the children’s lead and let Student-driven learning is at the core of our K4 program, with units ranging in time and subject based on the children’s interests. K4 always starts out the year with a kindness unit, and the class explores this virtue by answering the question: “What does kindness mean to you?” At the beginning of the year, students are greeted by a blank bulletin board. Our K4 teacher Morah Kristin explains:


“This isn’t my bulletin board - it’s yours. Together we will fill it with what YOU want to learn.”

Students are given the opportunity to develop their reading and writing skills by reading, journaling, and practicing word games. Children are given the space to explore learning in a creative way, practicing letters with paintbrushes, rocks, and playdoh, in addition to traditional writing instruments. 

This dynamic approach to learning helps children truly process and understand the material, enabling them to succeed in K5 and beyond.
Laura, a K4 parent, said it best: 

“This place is truly one-in-a-million! As a principal of a public school, I feel strongly that our children have received the best early childhood experience they possibly could. We know that our children will continue to grow and learn throughout their entire lives thanks to the foundation JB has given them.”


We’d love to meet you to learn more about how Jewish Beginnings’ K4 Program can best serve your family’s needs.


We consistently satisfy our ratio standards with more teachers on hand than required. Extra help is always available in the school as needed. 

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