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In 1971, with four children and a dream, Lubavitch of Wisconsin founded Jewish Beginnings, then known as Lubavitch Nursery School. Jewish Beginnings has attended to the changing needs of our community, while our mission has remained constant: to provide children with a warm, loving environment where they develop a passion for learning, share the joys of our heritage, and shape a lifelong, positive Jewish identity. Jewish values, pride, and joy are integrated into everything we do, helping shape the character, empathy, and Jewish awareness that impacts each child, their family, and our community in countless, positive ways.

Walking through the halls of Jewish Beginnings feels like home. The sounds of children fill the air, singing, talking, laughing, busily engaging with the world around them. The love for every child is tangible. Jewish Beginnings, NAEYC accredited since 1998, serves as a shining example of the best in early childhood education. Our preschool is a model of Jewish unity and cooperation, serving families from the entire spectrum of religious observance and economic status. We welcome Jews from all backgrounds and associations, priding ourselves on our strong Jewish identity. Jewish Beginnings is recognized as the primary feeder of the local Jewish day schools, and is a pace setter for early-childhood educational excellence. Our program has truly raised the bar for all Jewish preschools and programs of its kind.