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Empowerment through choice
In our 2 year old program, children are encouraged to demonstrate their newly developed skills in areas of self-help. The classroom environment is designed to teach children through active exploration and interaction with adults, other children, the environment, and materials. Children are expected to be physically and mentally active and to make choices as to area, materials, and friends they wish to interact with.

Life skills
The teachers work alongside the children, deepening their involvement with materials by asking questions and offering suggestions. Teachers help the children learn basic yet important life skills, such as grasping utensils, rolling sleeves up and down, washing hands, and using the soap dispenser. An emphasis is placed on verbal expression: learning the vocabulary that is important for mealtime, the restroom, getting dressed, and more. Everything is broken down into very simple terms so children can learn how to do these tasks and do them well, fostering independence and acquiring skills that will be used for the rest of their lives. 

Social skills
Teachers model positive social interaction and guide children through resolving conflict and developing friendships.The environment is print-rich which helps them understand the relevancy of reading and writing before formal instruction. Children tackle these skills as their relevance becomes apparent to them. Each child’s uniqueness and own learning style is underscored, accepted, and used to design appropriate activities. This process is empowering and helps children embark on a lifelong journey of excitement towards learning.

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