Ages 6 Weeks to 12 Months 

 At Jewish Beginnings a profound respect for children begins in the Infant Room.

Our infant teachers interact with infants in responsive, thoughtful, and intentional ways while carrying out seemingly simple routines. Teachers recognize that the babies in their care need as much consistency and continuity of experience as possible in order to develop trust and the confidence to explore and to establish a secure foundation. This is also accomplished through daily communications with parents.

Infants process every aspect of their environment and routine interactions as a context for learning. Observant caregivers engage infants in experiences that offer challenges and present opportunities for development and learning at receptive moments.

Much time is spent listening to the developing non-verbal and verbal vocabulary of infants; observing their preferences, interests and choices. Caregivers recognize, acknowledge, and build on each infant’s communications and needs. Through interaction with others, infants engage in social opportunities, develop a range of relationships, and make their needs known.

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