Serving on our Board of Directors and Board Committees is a meaningful way to get involved with Jewish Beginnings. We are always looking for people with a sincere interest in helping to operate a Jewish early childhood center that nurtures and educates children ages 6 weeks to five years old.

In its 30+ years, Jewish Beginnings has enriched the lives of hundreds of children providing emotional and social bases, a love of learning, and the joys of our heritage, as well as a foundation for positive Jewish experiences. Our program impacts a cross section of the Jewish community, including a large number of unaffiliated families, and is the primary feeder of the local Jewish day schools. The quality of our program has truly raised the bar for all Jewish preschools and programs of its kind.

Our Board of Directors' priorities include:

  • Fiduciary responsibility to ensure that the school is properly managed
  • Preparation of the annual budget
  • Establishing a mission and program for the school, as well as a strategic plan for the future
  • Developing operating and personnel policies
  • Promoting the school and managing community relations
  • Interfacing with the Federation

Our Board and Board Committees typically meet once a month. Board members participate in activities of the full Board and sit on at least one Board Committee.

69% of Jewish Beginnings board members (for many the first Jewish board service) go on to serve on other Jewish community boards. 

Executive Committee

Bergtrom, Aaron
Gross, Ora
Hacker, Rachel
Leff, Ilene
Leff, Jack
Levy, Hara
Rodriguez, Maria
Shmotkin, Devorah

Shmotkin, Devorkie
Shmotkin, Rabbi Mendel
Shrednick, Andrea
Strick, Armona 
Wahlberg, Rebecca