In 1973, with four children and a dream, Lubavitch of Wisconsin founded Jewish Beginnings, then known as Lubavitch Nursery School.

From its humble beginnings to its current enrollment of 120, the school’s modus operandi remains the same: providing thousands of children with a warm, loving environment where they develop a love of learning, share the joys of our heritage, and shape a lifelong, positive Jewish identity.

Our preschool serves as a model of Jewish unity and cooperation, serving families from the entire spectrum of religious observance (75% of our students come from non-orthodox homes) and economic status.  It is recognized as the primary feeder of the local Jewish day schools, and is a pace setter for early-childhood educational excellence. Our program has truly raised the bar for all Jewish preschools and programs of its kind.

In early childhood, the seeds of learning, Jewish identity, curiosity, and caring are planted. Our program spans a period of intense personal, social, and academic growth. Young children develop at different paces. Our teachers are sensitive to the wide range of abilities and developmental levels within this age group. They offer creative activities that fit into the broad developmental continuum represented by the students.

Each classroom has teachers who guide the children and promote active learning, problem solving, discovery of friendship, and exploration of their new, expanded learning world. The classroom is a community in which Jewish values are modeled and reinforced and Hebrew language is introduced through songs, games, and simple conversation. The curriculum combines structured and unstructured activities that encourage young children's most important work: creative play. Every day is filled with art, music, stories, language, Jewish living, and hands-on exploration.

Our classrooms are all well-outfitted with state-of-the-art preschool furnishings. We have our own ergonomically designed playground and special outdoor equipment as well as an indoor gym.

Chabad Lubavitch today is the largest and most dynamic unified religious, educational and social force in the Jewish world. The movement boasts more than 3000 branches in nearly 50 countries on six continents.

Nearly a million Jewish children are touched via our schools, institutions, summer camps, and extra curricular programs around the world each year. Our centers everywhere serve the needs of all Jews, no matter their level of knowledge, observance, or affiliation.