About Our School

Children’s Lubavitch Living and Learning Center offers a stimulating and warm environment where children are encouraged to develop intellectually, emotionally and physically.  The school takes the best of the secular and Judaic worlds and blends them into a program that is, at once rich, fulfilling and stimulating.  Our curriculum is at the forefront of a constantly changing educational environment.  We continually update our programming to keep pace with new developments in the field of early childhood education.

Our children learn pre-math skills, reading readiness, art, drama, music and computers. But at the same they learn something more.  They learn the specialness of being a Jew.  Through song and dance, through stories and discussions, the precious legacy of their uniqueness as Jews is transmitted.  Each of our very special children is seen as an individual…and thus given the respect and attention needed to develop and grow.

And finally, underpinning all this, at the heart of our program, is our desire to nurture in our children, concern, kindness and sensitivity for their fellow human beings.

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