"The curriculum is not child centered or teacher directed. The curriculum is child originated and teacher framed... We have given great care in selecting the term 'negotiated curriculum' instead of emergent or child centered curriculum. We propose that 'negotiated curriculum' better captures the constructive, continual and reciprocal relation among teachers, children and parents and better captures the negotiations among subject matter: representational media and the children's current knowledge."

Innovations in Early Education: The International Reggio Exchange, vol. 3, no.


First and foremost, Jewish Beginnings supports each child in finding confidence and pleasure in their learning, as they develop the critical thinking skills that are necessary for becoming a life long learner.

As an early learning center, we encourage social, intellectual, physical, emotional, creative, and moral development in children.  We feel that this is most seen through their discovery of and interaction with children, adults, nature, and materials within the school setting.

Our image of the child is that of a child with unlimited potential who is eager to interact with and contribute to the world, a capable child who delights in taking responsibility for his/her own learning, a child who listens and is listened to, a child with an enormous need to love and to be loved, a child who is valued. We believe children are driven by curiosity and imagination.

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