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JB Summer Camp 2021

Summer is the time Jewish Beginnings takes the curriculum outdoors to take full advantage of our spectacular Wisconsin weather. 


Active daily water play, sports specials, and playground time combine with in-depth exploration of our natural environment that is central to our summer curriculum. From this stems a rich blend of science, art, construction, dramatic play, and language arts activities.  


This year the children will be exploring habitats, beginning with the habitats of people. What do people need to create their shelters? How do we form communities? The animals around us need these things, also. Children will learn how they are the same and different from the various wildlife of the woodlands and prairies, and the ponds and streams that comprise our environment. We will become nature detectives with visiting naturalists to enhance our experiences.  Incorporating materials from nature, we will create works of art that inspire wonder and appreciation for the outdoors.  


We look forward to a summer that celebrates the whole child and the sensory joys of this beautiful season. Physical activity and calm reflection will allow us to examine our connection to each other and the natural world around us. 

We’d love to meet you and learn more about how Jewish Beginnings can best serve your family’s needs.