Upcoming Events


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November 24-25 Thanksgiving (No School)
December 3 Two-Year-Old Havdallah Event
December 5 & 9 Vision Screening
December 19 Light up the World with Parents, 8:30AM
December 24 First Night of Chanukah
December 25 City Wide Chanukah Event
December 26- January 2 Winter Break (No School), I/T & Childcare 12/27- 12/30
January 3 Back to School
January 22 Sunday Play Day, 10 AM
January 25 Let's Discover, 3A & 3B Program, 3PM
February 10 It's a Guy Thing, 8:15AM
February 12 Sunday Play Day, 10 AM
February 13 Staff In-Service (No School)
February 24 Family Shabbat (K4), 5PM
March 1 Class Picture Day
March 3 Family Shabbat (3A & 3B), 5:45PM
March 10 Last Early Dismissal Friday, 2PM
March 12 Purim Play Day, 10AM
March 17 Regular Friday Dismissal, 3:45PM
March 22 Wine, Cheese and JB Galleria, 7PM
April 7 Holiday Sing with Parents (T's & 2's) 10:30AM
April 7 Model Seder with Parents (3's & 4's) 11AM
April 10-19 Passover Break (No School)
April 20 Back to school
April 21 Yom Hashoah
April 30 Yom Hazikaron
May 1 Yom HaAtzmaut
May 1-5 Teacher Appreciation Week
May 10 K4 Alef Bet Siyum Brunch, 8:30AM
May 12 Ladies Do Brunch, 8:15AM
May 14 City Wide Lag B'Omer
May 17 & 22 Parent/Teacher Conferences, 6-9 PM
May 24 Yom Yerushalayim/ Sing with Parents 8:15AM
May 29 Memorial Day (No School)
May 30

Torah Fair

May 31-June 1

Shavuot (No School)

June 5 K4 Graduation Dinner
June 9 Last Day of School, Noon Dismissal, No CC
June 12-16 Interim Week, I/T & Childcare only
June 19 Summer Camp Begins


"A school needs to be a place for all children,
not based on the idea that they’re all the same, but that they’re all different."

- Loris Malaguzzi, Founder of the Reggio Emilia approach
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