Upcoming Events


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Aug. 21 First Day of School
Aug. 27 Ellsworth Park Play Date, 10AM
Sept. 4 Labor Day (No School)
Sept. 7      Back to School Night, 7PM
Sept. 15 Grandparents/Special Friends Day, 8:15AM
Sept. 29

Erev Yom Kippur (Noon Dismissal), I/T & Childcare Closes at 4PM

Oct. 5-6 SUKKOT (No School)
Oct. 9 Hot Cocoa in the Sukkah, 8:15AM
Oct. 10 Torah and Flag Making in the Sukkah, 8:15AM
Oct. 11 Simchat Torah Parade, 8:15AM
Oct. 12 SHEMINI ATZERET (No School) 
Oct. 13 SIMCHAT TORAH (No School)
Oct. 25 K4 Alef Bet Sweet Beginnings, 8:15AM
Nov. 3 Last Regular Friday Dismissal, 3:45PM
Nov. 8 & 13 P/T Conferences, 6-9PM
Nov. 10 Early Friday's Begin, 2PM Dismissal
Child Care Closes at 3:30PM
Nov. 13 Vision Screening (3's), 9AM
Nov. 14 Vision Screening (K4), 9AM
Nov. 20 Thankfulness w/ Parents & Friends, 8:15AM
Nov. 23-24 Thanksgiving (No School)
Nov. 28 Picture Day (Infants, Toddlers, Siblings)
Nov. 29 Picture Day (2's, 3's, K4)
Dec. 2 Havdallah (2B & 2C), 6PM
Dec. 12-20 CHANUKAH
Dec. 13 Light Up The World w/ Parents, 8:15AM
Dec. 25 -  Jan 1. Winter Break (No School)
Dec. 26-29 I/T & Childcare Only
Jan. 2 Back to School
Jan. 21 Sunday Play Day, 10AM
Jan. 24 3's Let's Discover Program, 3PM
Jan. 31

It's A Guy Thing. 8:15AM / TU B'SHEVAT

Feb. 11 Sunday Play Day, 10AM
Feb. 19

Staff In-Service (No School)

Mar. 1

PURIM Celebration in School (Noon Dismissal),             I/T & Childcare Closes at 4PM

Mar. 9 Last Early Dismissal Friday, 2PM
March 9 3's Family Shabbat, 5:45PM
Mar. 16 Regular Friday Dismissal, 3:45PM
Mar. 21 Art Galleria
Mar. 28 Holiday Sing w/ Parents (I/T & 2's), 8:15AM
Mar. 28 Model Seder w/ Parents (3's & K4), 11AM

Mar. 30-Apr. 6 

PESACH Break (No School)
Apr. 9 Back to School
Apr. 16 K4 Alef Bet Siyum, 8:15AM
May 7-11 Teacher Appreciation Week
May 9 & 14 Parent/Teacher Conferences, 6-9PM
May 11 Ladies Do Brunch, 8:15AM
May 13 Yom Yerushalyim, 8:15AM
May 18 Shavuot Sing-Along, 8:15AM
May 20-21 SHAVUOT (No School)
May 28 Memorial Day (No School)
Jun. 4 K4 Graduation, 5:30PM
Jun. 8 Last Day of School (Noon Dismissal), I/T & Childcare only.
Jun. 8 K4 Family Shabbat, 6-8PM
Jun. 11-15 Interim Week, I/T & Childcare only.
Jun. 18 Summer Camp Begins
Jul. 4 Independence Day (No Camp)
Jul. 11 Family BBQ, 5:30-7PM
July. 20 Grandparents/Special Friends Day, 9:30AM